Believers sometimes think of the gospel message as their ticket to heaven -- a reward for some future day. But the gospel life is intended to be lived to the fullest every single day, right now. Awakening: Discover Your Role in the Gospel is a six-week study that shares solid biblical teaching and real-life stories so viewers can truly see what life in God's kingdom looks like today. It will give them a more complete understanding of the gospel, igniting a desire to live out the reality of this new life with Christ and transforming how they relate to God and other people in their lives.

  • Includes a six-week study with Bible teaching, real-life examples, and tools for daily living
  • Features Bible teachers Joe Stowell, Vivian Mabuni, Sheridan Voysey, and Artie Lindsay
  • Offers an ideal format for small groups, Sunday school classes, and church campaigns
  • Bible Study Guide, 60 page, included on DVD